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Design and development Company. We create premium brands, identities and websites.



Design and development Company. We create premium brands, identities and websites.

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Our Process

Design and development Company.
We create premium brands, identities and websites.

    • Brain storming as the name suggests includes ideas and feasibilty discussion.
    • One to one discussion and group debate with the client and team which is handling client's project.
    • Feasibility study is done in 2 ways : Functional feasibility and Technical feasibility.
    • Brain storming is done with the client either with direct meeting,Video chat or Skype chat.
    • Minutes of meeting(based on the brainstorming session) are discussed and SRS document is created while bringing our client in the loop and having client's approval.
    • Blueprint of the project is Created on the basis of the brain­storming.
    • By wireframing we put ideas into a visual form.
    • Provides enhanced understanding of the project and gives a platform to clients for suggesting changes.
    • As the project progresses wireframe is used as checklist to keep track of the progress and verify that everything important has been considered and implemented.
    • It promotes early and ongoing feedback from users and customers and allows for an iterative approach beginning with rough sketches that evolve into the final design.
    • Milestones are set on the basis of wireframing done.
    • Requirements are distributed in different modules.
    • Set­out the dates of delivering the modules
    • Various phases of modules are created
    • We start by creating the Web Application Architecture and Framework.
    • Architecture design of any given project depends on :
    • Requirements and project specification, Scope of project, Design the Database Structure.
    • Develop / Customize the Web Application Module, Libraries and Classes.
    • Complete the Development and Implement all Functionalities Designing the architecture of the project
    • We deliver the end­product according to the set modules.
    • And fix problem in any suggested by the client.
    • After successful testing the product is deployed to the client.
    • We provide a complete and logical programming guide for each file and/or code series.
    • We also provide a list of our technologies and programming language.
    • In the process of maintenance, we take care of small fixes and further changes (if any) after the completion of project.
    • We maintain the complete project repository with us.
    • In any case, if an old client is approaching even after 2 years, or the files are deleted/misplaced you can count on us as we maintain all records with us for our clients.








India : Mansa Infotech PVT. LTD, Plot No D-174, Phase VIII-B, Industrial area, SAS Nagar (Mohali)

USA : Mansa infotech LLC, CO Blackwood Holdings Group LLC, 118 East Jefferson Street, Orlando, Florida 32801, US

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